SSRL Times Mag. (Feb. 2023)—Dedicated to Paul Pintrich

Please see here the February 2023 edition of the Studying and Self-Regulated Learning SIG Times Magazine. This edition is dedicated to the life, impact, and work of the eminent Paul Pintrich. 

Thank you to all those involved in this publication. Contributors include former Pintrich students: Shirley Yu, Allison Ryan, Teresa Garcia Duncan, Barbara Hofer, Brian Carey Sims, Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia, and Christopher Wolters. 

We also have reflections from Akane Zusho, Yeo-wun Kim, Teya Rutherford, Nikki Glover Lobczowski, Tara Luhrs, Anna Brady, Saray McKellar, Rinat Levy Cohen, Sean Adcroft, and Allan Wigfield, and Héfer Bembenutty.  

Finally, we recognize Daria Benden (2022 recipient of AERA Motivation in Education SIG’s Paul Pintrich award) and Yeo-eun Kim (recipient of the 2022 APA Division 15 Paul Pintrich Dissertation award). 

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