New SSRL Times Magazine (January, 2019)

We are delighted to share with you the January issue of our Times Magazine, which includes spotlights of Dr. Phil Winne and Dr. Taylor Acee. In this issue, we also profile Dr. Pamela F. Murphy, our Senior Program Chair.

We are planning for our sixth annual Graduate Student Mentoring Program (GSMP) for the SSRL SIG of AERA. As part of this initiative, graduate students will have opportunities to receive mentoring from distinguished SRL scholars who share similar research interests. Please contact Dr. Timothy J. Cleary, Chair of the SSRL SIG Graduate Student Mentoring Program.

Please renew your membership ( Our SIG needs you! You can make significant contributions to our SIG in diverse leading roles.

Our distinguished members, Dr. Karen Harris and Dr. Anastasia Kitsantas are giving a gift of a membership to our SIG to some of her friends and colleagues. We can do it, too! During the holidays, often we share gifts. We are inviting each member to give a membership to our SIG to two new members. Find a friend, a colleague, and or a graduate student and pay for their membership to our SIG: $10.00 for regular members or $5.00 for graduate students. After you have done it, please email Dr. Héfer Bembenutty, and he will include your name on a list to be published in our next newsletter. We count on you! You CAN DO IT!

SSRL SIG Times Magazine – January, 2019

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