New SSRL Times Magazine – Dec., 2018

We are delighted to share with you the December issue of our Times Magazine, which includes reflections about teachers’ and students’ belief system about self-regulated learning based on Lawson and colleagues’ article published in Educational Psychology review (October 2018). The  December issue of our Times Magazine includes essays from Dr. Dale Schunck, Dr. Marie While and her students, Dr. Duane Shell, Dr. Avi Kaplan, Dr. Andre Salis, Dr. Alexis Battista, Mr. Aubrey Whitehead, Dr. Gregory Callan, Dr. Brasha Kramarski and Tova Michalsky, Ms. Manijet Hart, and Mr. Salvatorre Garofalo, among others valuable members of our SIG.

AERA SIG SSRL Times Magazine – December, 2018

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