Interview with Aloysius Anyichie, Ph.D. candidate, dissertation on supporting engagement in a multicultural classroom using culturally responsive self-regulated learning

Please read here an interview of Ph.D. candidate Aloysius Anyichie, who is working on a dissertation entitled “Supporting all Learners’ Engagement in a Multicultural Classroom Using a Culturally Responsive Self-Regulated Learning Framework”. This dissertation utilizes, developed by him under the guidance of his supervisors, “A Culturally Responsive Self-regulated Learning (SRL) Framework” (Anyichie & Butler, 2017). Anyichie relates here the influence of his experience working as a high school teacher and Dean/Academic coordinator in Nigeria, as well as that of completing a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, on his research.

mECPS: Aloysius Anyichie, ECPS’ HDLC Ph.D. Candidate

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