Call for Nominations for Barry J. Zimmerman Award for Outstanding Contributions

Hello all, please see this announcement calling for nominations of scholars for the honor of the Barry J. Zimmerman Award for Outstanding Contributions for this year!


Barry J. Zimmerman Award for Outstanding Contributions




This annual award is being established to honor mid-career and senior scholars who have made significant contributions to the fields of studying and self-regulated learning research.


Award Committee


Linda Bol, Chair, Old Dominion University

Jeffrey Greene, University of North Carolina

Karen Harris, Arizona State University

Philip Winne, Simon Fraser University


Eligibility and Nomination Process


This award is open to any researcher who has actively conducted research in studying and self-regulated learning for a sustained period (i.e., at least seven years) and has produced a strong record of scholarly achievement. Membership in AERA and the SSRL SIG are not criteria for this award.


To nominate someone please provide the contact information for yourself and the nominee.  The chair will contact and inform nominees about their nomination for the award and request confirmation of their acceptance of the nomination.


The nominee will submit (a) full academic CV, (b) electronic copies of up to three peer-reviewed articles that the nominee perceives as most representative of his or her larger research program and scholarly contribution, and (c) a personal statement (no more than 500 words) detailing the key themes of his or her research agenda and overall impact on the field.


The nominator will also be asked to provide a letter of support (no more than 1,000 words) detailing the primary contributions and scholarly impact of the nominee on the field of self-regulated learning.


All nomination materials, including the nomination letter, the CV, the journal articles and the personal statement, are submitted electronically to Linda Bol ( by November 15th.


    1. Hello Shah—in the current version of the site, there are many resources on key foundations of self-regulated learning, as seen under the Resources / Pillars of SSRL tab at the top of the screen.


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