Seeking Nominations for Junior Officer Positions

We are seeking nominations for four Junior Officer Positions in preparation for the annual AERA SIG election process.

Just as a reminder, our SIG has two officers (one Senior and one Junior) per Executive Committee position. The upcoming elections pertain to the open 2018-2019 Junior slots. The current junior officers (Jean-Louis Berger: Junior SIG Chair; Pamela Murphy: Junior Program Chair; Evely Boruchovitch: Secretary/Newsletter; and Linda Sturges: Treasurer/Membership) will automatically move up to the senior role in their respective positions after the 2018 AERA conference.

Our goal is to have at least two nominations for each of the four open junior positions. For a nomination to be considered, please email Héfer Bembenutty a short bio of no more than 120 words (if self-nominating), nominee name, and nominee affiliation by October 15, 2017. This information is needed when the election ballots are posted and disseminated to SIG members later this fall.

Below is a list of the positions we are seeking nominations for:

  • Junior SIG Chair
  • Junior Secretary/Newsletter Chair
  • Junior Program Chairs
  • Junior Treasurer/Membership Chair

Our SIG bylaws (see pages 4 & 5) provides a clear representation of the duties, responsibilities, and qualifications for nominees.

We are entering a very exciting era for our area of research and are hoping to expand our membership and presence in AERA. In order to do this we need your help to continue the strong leadership we have been fortunate to have in the past.

Again, please send your nominations directly to Héfer Bembenutty by October 15th

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