SSRL Times Magzine (March 2022)

We hope you all are safe and doing well. 

Please find here the March 2022 Issue of the SIG: Studying and Self-Regulated Learning Times Magazine. 

We especially appreciate the many contributions of our Editor-in-Chief, Héfer Bembenutty, and our Executive Editor, Pamela Murphy. 

We also extend our sincere gratitude to our contributors: Canaan Bethea, Héfer Bembenutty, Michelle Bahena-Olivares, Raymond Gonzalez, Kendal Askins, Joseph Tise, Lars JenBen, Julia Klug, Phillip McGarry, Robert Corwyn, Erin Peters-Burton, Bradley Bergey, Rajib Chakraborty, Vijay Kumar Chechi and Thomas Amoroso. 

We wish you all a restful, peaceful and productive Spring Break in the upcoming weeks!

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