“Developing & Validating an Instrument to Measure Academic Self-Regulation: A closer look at goal-setting and planning, monitoring, control, and design of learning environments”


Parastou Mokri walks the reader through the process of designing her academic self-regulation (ASR) model and her ASR instrument and using the latter to validate the former. Although a number of instruments have been developed that measure some aspects of academic self-regulation, most were not designed exclusively to measure the construct and almost none were designed from ground up based on sound psychometric principles tied to an ASR conceptual model. The ASR instrument was predicated upon an evidence-based conceptual framework of academic self-regulation which described the interactions between cognitive, motivational, volitional, and environmental variables and learners’ activating purposeful goal oriented actions. Specifically, results from the examination of the construct validity of the ASR instrument measuring different phases and areas of ASR strongly supports the ASR model design.